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SET CUBED, A Curious Game of Clever Connections, is an exciting new game that challenges a player’s ability to find SETs by combining the dice in his or her hand with those already on the board. SET CUBED adds an element of strategy to the visual perception game of SET. It also requires players to take turns, so the need for speed is eliminated. Wild dice and bonus squares unleash the possibilities for creating SETs and racking up points. Create SETs up, down, and across the board. The more SETs you make the higher your score. Roll, Connect, Win! SET CUBED is available at game stores, education supply stores, book stores, gift stores and museum gift shops. Play is simple. Like the game of SET, a SET is 3 dice that are either all the same or all different in each of their three features when looked at individually. The dice have 3 features: symbols, color, and the number of symbols. To start, place all the dice into the cloth bag and shake it. Each player reaches into the bag and blindly grabs 5 dice. All players then roll their dice simultaneously, the first person to see a SET in his or her own dice calls “SET” and places the SET on the logo in the middle of the board. The person to the left of that player then attempts to build as many SETs as possible with up to three of his or her dice and the dice that are already on the board. That player’s score is based on all new SETs made using his or her dice. With each passing turn the number of dice on the board grows and so do the potential SET combinations. The more SETs you create, the higher your score. Each Bonus Square on the board boosts a player’s score the first time a die is played on it. WILD dice increase the players’ chances to make more SETs.

SET CUBED has won the following 10 Best Game Awards & Recognitions

ASTRA’s Top-20 Toy Fair Picks 2008
ASTRA’s Best Toys for Kids 2008
Bernie’s Major Fun Award 2008
Creative Child’s Seal of Excellence Award 2008
The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval 2008
Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children’s Products 2008
Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Games 2008
NAPPA Gold Award 2008
Parents’ Choice Gold Award 2009
Games Magazine Traditional Games 100 Award 2009


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