Mathematics Workbook

How to use SET® in the classroom.

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1. Introduction page 3
2. SET's Skill Connections page 4
3. Best Game Awards page 5
4. How to Play SET page 6
5. Quick Introduction to SET page 8
6. Mathematical Fun and Challenges in the Game of SET
   By Professor’s Phillis Chinn and Dale Oliver, Humboldt State University
page 9
7. Classroom Exercises Using SET page 14

SET Theory Using the SET Game
   By Professor Tony Macula and Michael J. Doughty, State University of New York Geneseo

page 16
9. Tips on Using SET in the Classroom, By Patricia J. Fogle, Ph.D., D.O. page 21
10. SET and Matrix Alegbra page 23
11. SET and Statistics, By Patricia J. Fogle, Ph.D., D.O. page 24
12. Magic Squares page 26
13. Mathematical Proof of Magic Squares, by Llewellyn Falco page 28
14. Three Ways to Use SET in the Classroom page 34
15. Developing Mathematical Reasoning Using Attribute Games
   By Anne Larson Quinn, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Edinboro University;
   Frederick Weening, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Edinboro University; Robert M. Koca, Jr., Ph.D.
page 37
16. References page 50



The Mathematics Workbook is a collection of tips and techniques from teachers, doctors of philosophy, and professors, on how to use the SET® Game in the classroom.  SET has been used in schools throughout the United States and Canada in grades K-12 and university level classes to enhance Cognitive, Logical and Spatial Reasoning, Visual Perception, Math Skills, Social Skills and Personal Skills

This workbook is intended to provide guidance on how to integrate SET into your current curriculum.  As we receive additional materials from teachers around the country, we hope to continually expand the content of the workbook.  If you have constructed exercises using the SET Game as part of your curriculum and would like to have them considered for the workbook, please send them to the address below.  If your material is accepted, you will receive full acknowledgement as well as a free game.

1400 E. Inman Parkway
Beloit, WI 53511

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To download the full SET Mathematics Workbook, please click here.