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Witty Word Wizards!

Quiddler Junior is a box full of F-U-N for everyone! Based on the classic Quiddler game, Quiddler Junior has all ages excited to play! Each card contains a kid-sized word and colorful illustration. Earn point chips by arranging your cards into one or more words. Kids enjoy earning, adding and exchanging their point chips. Get a 5 point bonus for the longest word each round! Quiddler Junior takes play and makes it purposeful and fun for everyone! Learn together. Laugh together. Be together.

Fun and Educational!

Playing Quiddler Junior is so much fun that you won’t notice you’re learning! Quiddler Junior sharpens spelling skills and increases vocabulary and critical thinking skills. Help kids conquer the world of words from letter recognition to spelling sight words and beyond! You can use a dictionary when challenging a word of another player, but, even more important, when it is not your turn, you may use it to look up words. Kids also enjoy adding and exchanging their point chips when keeping score.

Awards for Quiddler Junior

Parent Tested Parent Approved


Family Choice Award


ASTRA Best Toys for Kids – Finalist


Sharp As A Tack Outstanding Educational Value – Honorable Mention


Club Fantasci Children’s Game of the Year


Noise on Toys Platinum Choice Award


Creative Child’s Preferred Choice Award – Educational Card Games


Quiddler Junior Comments from Parents

“I think this game has helped my child improve on her vocabulary. My daughter was able to put some unique words together which she has never used before. Great learning experience.”

“I knew during our first game that there will be MANY more hours of enjoyment from this game.”

“I would definitely recommend this game to any kid that is over 6 yrs old. Its a great game to have fun, put words together and most of all learn.”

“I like the fact that there's chips to reward the kid every time.”

“I'm so excited to play more with [my daughter] to watch her reading skills improve. I was also surprised how much she enjoyed "trading in" her point chips. When she got 5 or more 1-point chips, she would trade them in for a 5-point chip, etc. She also eagerly added up everyone's points from the cards for the words they were creating, and handing out the point chips.”



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