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This version requires all players to work together as a team. It can be played by one person or with a team of any size. SETs are made according to the standard rules.

Object To obtain the maximum number of SETs in each layout of twelve cards, so as to achieve the maximum number of points as a team. Players work towards increasing their team or personal best score. In a classroom or group with several teams, the team with the highest score wins!

Download Printable Instructions Here

Quiddler Skill Connections

Playing QUIDDLER is so much fun that your students won’t notice they’re learning. Spelling skills sharpen quickly. After each round the words used are immediately seen by all players, and quickly learned. In cooperative play mode, after someone goes out, all players help those remaining to maximize their points. This enables all players to see how to make the combinations, increasing vocabulary as they go. Because of the short word bonus, learning two, three and four letter words becomes a natural goal of all players. As players try the make words with the highest point value, they are constantly adding up their points again and again during each round, as they do publicly after each round. Math is a natural aspect of playing QUIDDLER. 

Rules for Playing SET with Teams in the Classroom

Note: The following exercises call for the use of SET transparencies or an interactive whiteboard.

Divide the class into teams of 3-8 students each. Go to www.setgame.com and view the SET Daily Puzzle. Duplicate the puzzle on the overhead or project it onto the interactive whiteboard.

This lesson includes 3 different ways to play with teams in the classroom:
Quiet Team Play
Quiet Team Play to Develop English Language Skills
Team Play to Develop Communication Skills

Language Skills Using SET in the Classroom

For this exercise, transparencies can be placed on the overhead projector or printed on a worksheet for students to work individually or in teams.

Activity: Place two cards on the overhead projector. Ask the students to describe the missing card. For younger students, have them fill in missing adjectives in a sentence you provide.

More Advanced Activity: Place two cards on the overhead projector. Ask the students to draw the missing card and then write a sentence describing it.
Example: I need two open purple ovals to complete this SET.
Place two new cards on the overhead projector. Ask the students to draw the missing card and then write a sentence using a different verb or sentence structure. Example: In order to complete this SET, a solid red oval is required.
Continue as above: The third sentence could be: “Please give me an open red diamond.”

End Game SET

To determine the attributes of the missing card.

The Play
At the beginning of the game, remove one card from the deck and place it face down to the side. 

Now play the game according to the standard rules of SET.  When no more SETs can be found, you can determine the attributes of the missing card.

Download Printable Instructions Here

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