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WordSpiel is the game...

Where the END...is just the BEGINNING!

NEW! Now available, WordSpiel is a simple yet dynamic card game that everyone enjoys! Use your words wisely and be the first to go out. Word size doesn't matter, but ending with a tricky letter can really challenge your opponents! Each word spins off the last, so the game will never be the same twice!
The goal is to get rid of all 10 of your cards by making words. Each turn, simply start your word with the last card played. Just like the name, WordSpielSpiel uses the S from WordS.
Use the timer or take your time, just be sure to put your best word forward!
This AmusinGame is such a GooDeal you'll want to GeTwo!


  • Includes a digital timer
  • Perfect for couples, parties, families & traveling
  • Quick & easy to learn and play
  • WordSpiel is the word game that everyone loves!


Creative Child's Game of the Year Award 2017

Pal Award

MENSA Recommended Designation 2017

Parents' Choice Silver Award


Playonwords Top Ten Recognition 2017
The Noise on Toys Award of Excellence 2017




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