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Award-winning Xactika® (exact-tika)

Calling all Hearts, Spades and Euchre players! With three ways to play, Xactika® is perfect game to play casually or with savvy card players. Start easy and PLAY TO WIN, try to take the most tricks, high score wins. Increase the challenge and PLAY TO LOSE, try to take the fewest tricks, low score wins. And for the savvy card player PLAY TO BID, where you must be Xactika right by winning exactly the number of tricks you bid!

A fun strategy game
Enjoy having more control over the hand you are dealt! Xactika® cards offer more control than you ever thought possible in a bidding game! Use the symbols on the cards strategically to either win the trick or lose the trick. The bidding cards help you to find out the statistics and probabilities of other cards being able to beat your chosen card and suit. In this game, it’s not the luck of the deal, but the strategy of how you play that will decide who wins!

Awards for XACTIKA

Parents’ Choice Award 2002
Games Magazine Games 100 Award 2002
Creative Child’s Preferred Choice Award 2005
Creative Child’s Preferred Choice Award 2008



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